Sequoia Schmidt

“At the time I was like, why the fuck am I doing this?”


Hey hey let’s talk about feeling profoundly uncomfortable! And alone!

If Sequoia Schmidt was an element she would be fire. She moved from NZ to the States as a 16 year old and shut the door on a disconnected childhood where she felt misunderstood and abandoned. The new life she built in L.A revolved around high rise offices and high heels, the antithesis of her small hometown of Napier, and things would have continued on this way had her father and brother not been killed in an avalanche while climbing K2.

This episode taught me that life is like biking the length of NZ solo, you have to figure what you actually need in your pack, and what you can no longer carry because it’s slowing you down. It’s about forgiving others which often happens in tandem with forgiving yourself.

It’s also about wearing one pair of undies for a month and shitting into a resealable bag.

So let’s eat 2 pieces of toast with assorted toppings and cheers to that.

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Opening track: Nature by The Fourmyula 

Sequoia’s song choice: Far Away by Mel Parsons

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