Stanley Q. Woodvine


“Poverty comes with its own kind of entitlement.”

Welcome to Vancouver. A place where the homelessness is at beyond crisis point, where drug use is open and rampant, where naloxone kits are on hand in public spaces to reverse the potentially fatal effects of an overdose. Where needle disposal boxes are available in Starbucks. Where people die in Tim Hortons and aren’t discovered for half a day.

Sound like a post apocalyptic dystopian nightmare? Close. It’s capitalism! LOL

This is where “homeless” blogger/writer Stanley Q Woodvine lives in a parking building. But what does being homeless mean? What led him to this point? And is it really that bad or does it have its upsides? I mean, there’s no house cleaning, there’s lots of fresh air, there’s no 9-5! Sounds great, sign me up! I want to be a freeloading system scammer too!

Let’s eat some perfectly spherical eggs and hashbrowns from McDonalds and wade our way through this existential conundrum while somehow holding on to our optimism and compassion! Listen in iTunes here and don’t forget to subscribe if you are DTF (Down To Feel).

Stanley’s song choice: We Want To New Young Pony Club

Jingle: Claire Cowan

Editor: Nic Charuk

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